Wonky Wabbits

Wonky Wabbits is offered by Net Entertainment and offers players stacked wilds and random wilds. The game offers winnings in both left to right and right to left. This means combinations will be able to start from both reels 1 and 5.

Playing Wonky Wabbits:

Wonky Wabbits is offered with 5 reels and 30 lines. Symbols are displayed on the reels and will need to be shown on active paylines provided with at least 3 symbols to complete a combination.

Playing the game:

  • Players will have a selection on different features to set up wager amount, set additional bets and change the game to provide bigger winnings. These setting will also provide players with the options needed to bet less per spin.
  • Players are provided with the choice of selecting 5 different values per coin. Coins are used to wager and reward players. All winnings are paid out in the same coin value set for the spin that triggered the feature. At least 1 coin per lines will be needed. Values start from $0.01 to $0.50. Players will have the ability to change this value between spins.
  • Additional wagering can be set in the game. Here players will need to change the level provided from 1 to any amount up to 10. This changes the amount of coins placed per line. Should more than 1 coin be used the game will multiply the winnings by the number of coins per line. Wager amounts will also be multiplied by the amount of coins.
  • Players will need to press the spin button once all setting have been looked over. The game will provide players with the total wager per spin in the large window above the options for players to look over before spinning the reels. Pressing spin will start the game with the wager that has been setup with these settings provided.
  • Players will be able to activate an auto-play feature in the game. This feature will offer up to play up to 1,000 spins by itself with the wager amount currently set. The feature can be stopped at any time or setting can be set in place to stop the game should certain scenarios take place, these can be setup in the advanced section.
  • Once all settings have been considered players will come to see a wager from 30 to 300 coins can be achieved. The value of each spin will be provided once the amount of coins have been multiplied by the coin value. A maximum bet of $150.00 per spin can be reached, and a minimum of just $0.30. Higher wager amounts will multiply winnings to provide higher payouts, but obviously this comes at a higher wager amount.

Game information Page:

  • In Wonky Wabbits players will be able to view possible combinations, rewards and bonus feature explanations all within the pay-table. Players will be able to access this information by locating the green tab to the far left of the game. This tab hold the letter i and will provide all game information.
  • Players will find 3 buttons in the bottom left corner once inside the pay-table. These will be used to navigate between pages and access additional information. There are a total of 4 pages that will be able to cover all information required.
  • Page 1 will explain the Wonky Wabbits wild features offered. Here players will find a short decryption and screen shots to show the feature in action. This page will provide rules for the feature as well to ensure no confusion.
  • Pages 2 and 3 will provide players with all symbols available on the reels with payouts for all possible combinations. At least 3 symbols are required to complete combinations, which will also be displayed next to the symbols. Players will find winnings available for 3, 4 and 5 symbols displayed next to each of them.
  • To exit the table and return to the main game player can use the return button offered by the navigation section within the page. Pressing spin all also exit the page and spin the reels with the last set wager amount.

Wild Symbols

  • Wild symbols form part of the game to complete combinations. Players will find these symbols on reel 2 and 4 and will appear with a purple symbols with the word wild written in yellow letters. These symbols are designed to substitute for any other symbols on the reels. Since this slot offered no scatters or bonus symbols there will be no combination the wild cannot complete.
  • Players will win with this symbols when combinations of at least 3 are completed. These combinations will need to appear from let to right starting with reel 1. A maximum of 5 symbols are appear in a combination of which 4 symbols can be wild.
  • These wilds can appear stacked, which means players will be able to obtain 3 of them per reel. This will only occur on reels 2 and 4. On all other reels players will be able to obtain single wild symbols.
  • These symbol provide a duplication feature that will provide players with more wilds is perfect positions. The game will automatically look for the best place to place the additional wild to ensure the biggest winnings are paid out.
  • Each wild symbols appearing will provide 1 additional symbols. Should reels 2 and 4 hold stacked wilds players will obtain another 6 wild symbols in positions where best winning combinations will be offered.
  • The feature will take place with any wager amount and each wild will activate this feature when even 1 appears. The feature does not guarantee winnings with each symbol provided. Winnings are multiplied by wager per lines only.

Game Buttons:

  • Players will require a selection of buttons to change wager amounts, setup the slot and spin the reels. All these buttons will be available under the reels. They are green and will be available after ever spin.
  • Players will find a long black window appearing between the reels and game buttons. Here all game information will be displayed. To the far left players will see the current wager amount in coins. In the centre the game will provide winning amount after each successful spin and finally to the far left players will see the amount of coins currently available to play with.
  • The level tab will appear to the left and will provide players with a selection from 1 to 10. There are 2 green buttons displayed on either side, which can be used to change the value displayed.
  • Auto-play to the right will provide the settings for the auto-play feature. Players will be able to gather an additional window that will provide all the settings required.
  • The round button will provide the spin. This is required to start the game once a wager has been selected. Players will use this button for the spin stop feature as well.
  • Max bet will also spin the reels, but here the game will automatically select a highest amount of coins for each spin. Coin values will not be changed.
  • The final button selection will appear to the far right. Here players will find the same setup as the level option. Coin values can be selected with the 2 green buttons displayed on either side on the window.