Fruit machine games are considered the best alternative to the video slots that many people are accustomed to. While talking about the history of slot machines, Charles Fey developed the Liberty Bell in the late 19th century. The machine became highly popular among the players with its playing cards as symbols.

Later, these machines featured fruit symbols and were located in salons and pool halls. The winnings in such fruit machines were given in the form of a chewing gum. For example, if you have landed with three cherry symbols then you will get a cherry flavored chewing gum and so on. No doubt, these machines captivated the attention of millions with its interesting features.

About Casino Fruit Machines

In 1940s, the early casinos in Las Vegas took the chance of incorporating slot machines. To their surprise, these machines gained much attention of the players across the world. As a result of this, new version of the fruit machines was introduced and further modifications were made to them. The major changes include the automatic payout, bottomless hopper and electromechanical arm.

All these elements made it possible for the players to collect the prizes without the help of any attendant. In addition, the Reel’Em in Game was launched in the year 1996, which included a second-screen bonus feature and some additional winning options.

The Trend of Online Casino Games Like Wonky Wabbits Slot

In 1990s, the slot machines finally took over the entire casino industry. The facility of online casino gaming offered a great convenience to the players to enjoy their favorite slots like Wonky Wabbits Slot within the luxuries of their home. Gradually, players have today actually understood the difference between the online slots and traditional casino gaming. The most fascinating part is that online casinos offer a much higher payout than their traditional counterparts.

It is simply because that these online casinos are not required to spend anything extra on their staff or arranging the drinks and meals for the players. Since they save on these costs, they are able to offer higher payouts to the customers. Further, players can sign up to these websites even at the odd hours and can contact the customer care that works round the clock.

Playing Online Slots and Fruit Machines

You can create different winning combinations when playing on slot machines and fruit machines. The players are required to make the deposits to enable the pay lines. Further, the numbers of pay lines actually differ from one gaming machine to another and some machines can offer up to 300 pay lines. Every machine allows a minimum and maximum number of coins to stake upon. Thus, different amounts can be betted on different pay lines. The players can spin the reels after activating the pay lines.

You must also know additional elements are also offered by some gaming machines. The newest features of these machines include gamble games, exploding symbols, free spins round, stacked symbols, wilds and much more. To add on, the slot games feature a very attractive theme, sound effects and amazing card graphics.

Fruit Machines by Microgaming

Microgaming has developed some of the very famous fruit machines including Apocalypse Cow, Pub Fruity, Lucky Barstand, Fire ‘n Dice, Max Damage, Alien Attack, Dubya Money, and Stallionaire Pub to name a few. Therefore, if you are a classic gamer then you enjoy the thrill and excitement of these fruit machines. It is the time for you to get real money wins by trying your hands at fruit machines and online slots. You can just sign up at an online casino to start playing. Makes sure the casino is authentic and has a reputation in the industry.

Royal Vegas casino has attracted thousands and millions of players across the globe. While comparing this casino with others in the casino industry, it can be seen that this is the finest of all due to its features and unique facilities offered to the players. Right from the promotional offers, bonuses, variety of games, safety of the payment methods to the feature of mobile gaming, this casino has in it everything that passionate casino players desire.

To know more about Royal Vegas casino, read on further.

An Array of Games

The casino offers a wide selection of online casino games and is sure to make it difficult for you to pick your favourite. Many players usually get bored of playing same game every time when they sign up at any website. Nonetheless, with Royal Vegas, you will not face this issue. Once you have signed up, you can enjoy tens and hundreds of different table games and slots like Wonky Wabbits slot etc. Since the casino has more than 500 games, you are never going to run out of games. You can always try new and newer games very time when you visit it. All those who are a big fan of Blackjack games and video slot games can have a great feast here, as it has the best collection of it.

Bonuses and Promotions

At Royal Vegas Casino, players can get a welcome bonus of up to $1200 after making the first deposit at the site. With this, you will also get 120 free spins after signing up at the website. Usually, the other casinos of the industry offer only monetary free spins and bonuses to make their profits. However, Royal Vegas casino has captivated the attention of many punters with its welcome offer. In fact, the welcome bonus of $1200 also allows you to enjoy more games at the site, which is simply amazing.

Mobile Gaming

This particular casino has an app designed to meet the needs of frequent players. If you love playing your favorite games even while you are traveling in a bus or sitting in the train but do not have your laptop then you can do it from your mobile phone also. Yes, you just need to open the website on your phone, sign up and start playing the games. You will have equal pleasure and excitement on the mobile app as you have it on your laptop. Thus, the next time when you are tired of waiting for your friends at the party, you can just enjoy your favorite slots online.

Safety of Payments

While talking about the payment methods of Royal Vegas casino, they are all safe and secure. In many of the sites, players face the problem of non-acceptance of their debit and credit cards while making the payments online. However, this site is open to all. This online casino site has different methods of payments for the players.

It simply means that even if you are not able to make the payment through your card, you can use alternative methods including E-wallet, coupons and can pay through your bank cheque also. Due to this feature, more and more players sign up at this online gaming website. Not to forget, all these payment methods are completely safe and secure. You will not regret making any payments at any point of time.

Therefore, it is the time for you to experience the unique online gambling features of Royal Vegas casino if you have not tried it yet. Just sign up, avail the welcome bonus and start betting to earn huge cash.

Perhaps, the present and the future of the online gambling in the UK are very bright. The punters of all ages in the nation have a great interest in online gambling. However, there have been issues of gambling addiction among these players from the past few months. This simply means that the social acceptance of this game has turned into a fatal addiction for the youth. As a result of this, the UK government has become more alert regarding this issue.

Considering it as the one finest solution, the UK government has come to the decision of banning promotions and marketing of gambling. It has ordered all the licensed gambling service providers not to carry out daytime advertising of gambling and other casino games like Wonky Wabbits slot. Without a doubt, the decision is in the welfare of the young and other vulnerable people who easily fall prey to the addiction of online gambling.

The Issue Behind Gambling Advertising

The government has highlighted the fact that there is a loophole in the advertising of gambling by the service providers. The problem arises when these providers are given permission to promote their products and offers including some gambling presentations too during breaks in live sports events. In fact, the very popular media, the Times newspaper revealed that such liberty of advertising given to these providers was misused. They started advertising to children throughout the weekend, which was not justified and good for youth at all.

Gambling Rules and Analysis in the UK

While talking about the gambling advertising rules in the nation, the government restricts promotion of gambling products after 2100 hours in the UK. The rule has been made in order to safeguard the younger generation from the dire influence of the gambling. In addition to this, an analysis on the spread of fixed-odds betting terminals has also been planned to be undertaken by the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport at the soonest. According to the Daily Mail, it is known that this review might also include the effects of advertising of betting products and other online casino games on the people of different age groups in the UK.

The reason behind this investigation by the concerned department includes the exploitation of the social media by the online gambling firms to entice the youth. Since today’s generation tend to spend most of their time on social networking sites, these online gambling firms take it as an opportunity to target the youth there and then.

However, if the online advertising is banned from being advertised, it will become a major issue of concern for the broadcasters of the UK, as they make most of their profits through gambling sites only. According to a research, the UK gambling operators spent almost around £118.5m on advertising on television in the year 2015 while this figure went a little higher to £123m in 2016. It means that these operators are ready to spend anything just to reserve a place on TV.


Not only the UK, but other nations like Australia are also heading towards banning these gambling advertisements. The land of opportunities, Australia hit the news recently by banning the advertising of live odds on-air during the sports broadcasts. It simply hints at the fact that many countries are taking strict steps to restrict excessive promotion of online gambling keeping in mind its influence on people especially the young generation. Like tobacco and alcohol advertising, gambling advertising has also become an issue of concern and has captivated attention of the governments. Since the online gambling depends upon advertising and promotion, the restriction is sure to affect the development of this industry.

Gambling is an activity open only to adults. They need to be at least 21 years to gamble online. Online casinos are expected to deny their services to underage people. The anonymity of the internet does make it easier for underage gambler to slip through a good casino’s authorisation systems.

What’s more is that, there are also lots of improperly run casinos that turn a blind eye to such things as age just so that they can earn huge revenues. However, there has been a sudden six-month spurt in underage participation at a number of unregulated internet based casinos. Closer scrutiny has revealed that this is because these casinos permit young players to exchange their video game wins for gambling tokens.

underage gambling

The online gambling industry has been spooked by the reports of underage betting in large numbers because it will certainly result in increased regulation. The industry which is worth billions of dollars worldwide can hardly afford to attract the ire of lawmakers and regulators.

Gaming software developers and other companies in the industry have started taking steps to identify and shut down online casinos that actively look for underage customers. Most of this illegal online betting focuses on trade in ‘skins’ of the immensely popular video game Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The company behind the game, Valve, has sent a legal communication to a number of websites that have been profiting from this trade by encouraging players to bet on rigged wagers. It is believed that there are at least 20 websites involved in this activity and that they have lots of customers in the age group of 13 to 18.

Trading in game skins has been going on for quite a while and this gives fans of a game an interesting way to interact with each other. As a matter of fact, skins trading was a very good activity right until someone got the idea to involve money in it. The overall size of the skins trade boomed in a very short while and it even began to harm the game itself. Many leading players of CS:GO were discovered to be acting in collusion with gambling sites to rig the betting market.

Players are required to pay approximately $2.50 so that they can have access to a number of crates that they find while playing CS:GO. The crates contain skins, but players have no inkling of what exactly they contain until they open them up. There is quite a good trade in rare skins. However, what is particularly disturbing is that these skins can be exchanged for gambling tokens, which kids shouldn’t even have access to.

This menace, and others like it, has attracted the attention of Australian lawmaker, Nick Xenophon who wants nothing short of a senate inquiry on how video games incorporate gambling and attract young players. Underage players are at high risk of becoming problem gamblers and they will move from these video games to regular gambling sites. Unauthorised gambling sites are no doubt taking advantages in loopholes in the outdated existing laws to make money off young and vulnerable customers.

Do You Have Teens at Home?

If you’re a parent and you’re worried that your kids may be involved in underage gambling, then you need to ensure that they don’t get addicted to it and hence, end up losing a lot of money. CS:GO is particularly popular among young boys. If you think that your son or his friends may be involved in gambling, you need to take action immediately. If you don’t want to talk to them directly about gambling fearing that they may not be honest to you about that, then try and talk to your children about what games they are currently playing, how they are liking it, their current levels, etc. Most likely, you’ll be able to get an idea about if they are involved in gambling or not.

Well-known e-gaming and online sports betting operator SeanieMac International has just confirmed that it will be moving to a software platform developed by Optima. The software development firm with offices in Gibraltar, Spain, and Malta will be required to design and set up a gaming platform that will operate across multiple channels.


Thanks to the deal, SeanieMac, which faces Ireland and the United Kingdom will gain access to Optima’s powerful Margin Maker 2 system, in addition to a number of front-end products designed for mobile and web usage. According to the SeanieMac website, the new platform will be operational in the month of August and it promises to be ‘bigger and better’ than the existing one.

Both parties are understandably excited about the deal. Optima’s Multichannel Gaming Suite platform has a very good reputation in the industry. As a matter of fact, the company has recently closed a deal with leading European bookmaker, BetOlimp for its MGS platform. The company has built up a very satisfied customer base and does turnkey projects for online gaming and sports betting companies located in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

SeanieMac CEO, Shane O’Driscoll said that the deal was very important because the company’s expansion plans hinged upon its move to its own software instead of using white label options. The company has plans to expand in the online bookmaking industry, and having its own software from a market leader would help it achieve that goal by becoming a premier product.

Acknowledging that the company was investing a lot of money on the software, O’Driscoll said that it would be justified by the many benefits it offered for the company’s plans for future growth. He even went so far as to say that the deal represented a ‘massive leap forward’ for his company. The company had recently merged with another online bookmaker ApolloBet so that both sites could consolidate their business. The company has also joined the Authorized Betting Program of the British Horseracing Authority, which enables it to get preferential marketing deals with racetrack operators in the UK.

SeanieMac already has a lot of experience in the sports betting industry and it will certainly be able to expand further once it starts using a high tech platform. It had suspended operations on its previous site on the 1 April, at which point it had refunded customers any money in their betting accounts.

Optima founder and CEO, Jacob Curciel said that the developer was committed to delivering high tech products as part of its turnkey projects so that its customers could become market leaders through providing their own customers the best possible gaming and betting experience.

Customers have very high expectations when they visit a gaming or sports betting site, and they have a clear idea of what they want. Since there are plenty of companies jostling for their attention, businesses such as SeanieMac will have to work very hard to increase its market share, or indeed even maintain it.

Were You a SeanieMac Customer?

If you were a SeanieMac customer, your betting account with them stands close as of 1 April 2016. If you did have any balance in your account, you must have received it by now. The company promptly refunded all their customers once they shut shop. As they are getting bigger and better, so will the benefits and rewards.

They will now be in a position to offer you free bets, money back specials, enhanced odds and many more rewards. To get a free bet today, all you need to do is sign up with ApolloBet since they have teamed up with them.

A brand new gambling site was launched earlier this week, offering legal online casino games to Portuguese customers. Operated by well-established gaming operator Estoril Sol SGPS SA that already runs three land-based gambling establishments in the country, this website known as will cater to the avid Portuguese market. It will offer them 18 games, which can be played on PCs or mobile devices. The gaming platform currently offers video slots as well as blackjack and roulette, and will certainly add to these games in the near future.


Estoril Sol already has a lot of experience in the gaming industry. With total revenues of around €182 million, this company accounts for almost 70% of Portugal’s gaming business. The company is closely associated with Macau-based gambling tycoon, Stanley Ho Hung Sun.

So, who is Stanley Ho?

Nicknamed The King of Gambling, Stanley Ho is the 13th richest man in Hong Kong. His net worth is about US $2 billion! He’s the richest in Macau and among the wealthiest in Asia as well. He’s a powerful industrial and entrepreneur in Asia so much so that his statements and opinions on Hong Kong’s commercial development as well as real estate has had a considerable sway on the market.

Ho handed over the reins of Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau (STDM) to his daughter Pansy Ho. Pansy Ho Chiu King, Ho’s daughter and co-chairperson of MGM China Holdings Ltd, is also on the board of the Portuguese gambling company. She is a 50% partner in MGM Macau. Interestingly, the gambling regulator in Macau doesn’t permit online gambling yet.

Ho’s son, Lawrence Ho is the CEO of another Macau-based company, Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd.

Ho’s SJM Holdings shares many senior executives with Estoril Sol, apart from Ho himself. These executives include Rui Cunha and Ambrose So Shu Fai who are on the board of the Portuguese company. It is interesting to note that none of these executives are shareholders at Estoril Sol, but instead control it through Finansol – Sociedade de Controlo, SGPS.


The three casinos that Estoril Sol operates include Casino Estoril, Casino Lisboa, and Casino da Póvoa. The company has collaborated with technology firm Gaming1 which is part of the Brussels-based Ardent Group to launch the gaming site. Gaming1 is also an established company with many clients.

While Portuguese gamblers no doubt enjoy online gambling on a whole lot of unauthorized sites, this is the first website that offers legal casino gambling. Local regulator Serviço Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos do Turismo de Portugal (SRIJ) has given this site a license valid for three years. The tightly controlled Portuguese online gambling space now has three operators in total. The first was, an online sportsbook operated by French company Betclic Everest and it was followed by another sports betting site operated by Bet Entertainment.

The Estoril site is likely to do very well, particularly in comparison with the sports betting sites. The former will have to pay a gross gaming revenue tax of 15% whereas the latter sites will have to pay a betting turnover tax of 8%. It is therefore no surprise that a few other land based gambling operators are also clamouring for online licenses. Another company that might be permitted to take business online is land based casino operator Solverde. The government owned lottery operator Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa might also have a gambling website in the near future. A long awaited online poker site has been held up while the Portuguese government completes talks with the European Commission regarding liquidity sharing with companies based in other countries. Liquidity sharing is very important in this business or else operators will not be competitive enough.

Updated:  27/07/2016

Calling all fans of Wonky Wabbits – if you are looking for a reputable casino to play on that ticks all the boxes, then you have come to the right place.  These days, most new casinos offer NetEntertainment games such as Wonky Wabbits, but some definitely are better than others.  Below you will find out current top picks as well as information on the bonuses each offer.

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While it is conceded that video slots are the easiest casino games played online, yet, most players do not seem to exploit it and make substantial gains.

One of the foremost reasons for this irony is the attitude of the players in being casual before and during the play.

Most players take things for granted and assume that the slot rules are the same in all slot games.

However, since this is not the case, they end up violating the rules of the game and forfeit the advantage of profiting from the games.

Starting to Play Slot Games

Like players used to insert a coin in the assigned slot to start the game in a land-based casino, in online slot game too, coins are inserted in the virtual world.

Once the wheel sets off on insertion of the coin, anxiety and fun start for the players.

As the spinning reels slow down, anxious players miss a heartbeat and hope that the icons appearing on the wheel are in the same alignment as the one put up on the house.

When the icons are similar, player is deemed to have won the bet.

The Different Types of Slot Games

Typically, there are two types of slot games-regular and progressive.

Regular slot is the standard slot where at the end of the game, payouts are made as per the listing in the house.

Here, the game concludes with the player winning the bet.

In progressive slots, winning the game entitles a player to progress to the higher level.

The player, who progresses to the higher levels, stands a chance of winning the jackpot round.

How to Play in Order to Win Slot Games?

Slot games are played in single as well as multiple lines. Experts recommend players to play from multiple lines, since the chance of winning increases substantially in a multiple line slot.

Since the game of slots is being played against a computer, a player hardly has a control on the alignment of icons appearing on the wheel.

But where players have a choice is to choose the number of pay lines. Thus, while playing the entertaining game of Wonky Wabbits slot, a player can decide on the pay lines to opt for.

Following the Slot Game Terms Closely

As mentioned earlier, one of the important factors to be remembered by the players to succeed in the slot game is to follow the rules of the game scrupulously.

Hence, players are advised to first read all the terms of the slot games, before commencing the game.

When a player is fully aware of the bonuses on offer in the game, it helps the players to utilise to the maximum, the bonus money.

Awareness of the number of pay lines available helps a player to optimise the use of pay lines and in turn maximise their profits at the slots.

Maximum Fun Means Maximum Profits…

When slot rules are understood and followed by players, they could earn a bonanza and at the same time have unlimited fun.

Two things, which have not altered in online slots from its land based version, are its ease of play and popularity.

Finer Details of Slot Games

Casino players are unanimous in their opinion about the ease of playing the slots. Slots could get the highest rating among all games when the ease of play is factored.

As regards to the popularity of slots, this has been proved statistically from time to time through the number of players opting for this casino game.

Varieties of Slot Games

For game developers, more than any game, the slot games offer great opportunities to improvise.

Software engineers have brought out slot games in tremendous varieties of themes. One could say with confidence that there is not a theme, which has gone unrepresented in slot games.

Another reason for this large scale personification is that there have been takers for all forms of slots, which are being offered.

Knowing the Slot Games

Players are advised never to assume the playing conditions of slots, as no two slots are similar.

As each slot is unique, players should carefully read and understand the terms of play of the chosen slot game, before starting the wager.

Basic principle, players should adhere to in slots is to be aware of the number of pay lines, which are open.

Secondly, they need to know the assigned payouts of the slots.

These details help players make the right casino moves and win handsome wagers.

A Comparative Study

It is a myth to say that slots are not profitable to play.

In fact, earnings are more from a slot game than any other casino games.

Odds of winning are more pronounced at slots than at other casino games.

Earning to investment ratio is also more at the slot games than at any other casino game.

You stand to gain the maximum by investing the barest minimum in slot games.

And as already stated, slots are the easiest online casino games to play. All these facts make the slot game among the most loved and most played online casino games.

Slot Games in Online Casinos

High proliferation of online games is witnessed today with more new players jumping in to the bandwagon of betting.

Ability to join the betting from anywhere and at any time could be a major reason for this proliferation.

But games like slots have helped the cause of growth of online casinos with their awesome games.

Practically every casino has more number of slots than any other games. It is believed that more than half of online casino games are dominated by the slots.

Every now and then, new games like Wonky Wabbits slot is introduced to keep players interested in slots.

Slot Gains for Casinos

As there are more number of slot games than other casino games in any online casino, a big proportion of earnings for casinos come from the slots.

Thus, slot games have the distinction of paying handsomely to both, the business houses and the players, who form the lifeline of online casinos.

Wrapped in technology, today’s casino games are packaged to offer ultimate joy and in the gift pack, players are provided not only with stress busters, but also with eye-popping treasures.

The arrival of online casinos on the scene has created a niche in the hearts of the public for online games.

24×7 thorough research is being done now about the various facets of online casinos.

Details like which casino to play, what are the new and exciting games and how to profit from games are being diligently pursued now.

The Slot Game Fascination

With online casinos providing players different genres of games, players have a great variety of games to choose from to play.

But most players remain loyal to the highly entertaining, slot games.

This is numerically established by the statistics of players signing in at the slot games.

Players are never short of options when they decide to play the slot game, they could choose say, Wonky Wabbits slot or any penny slot games, in an attempt to reach the jackpot round and win handsome money.

Most players without giving up hopes of succeeding in the slots religiously try out what have been mentioned as ‘strategies’ in online sites.

The Computerized Winnings

Winning at slots is totally a mathematical probability, since the software employed, generates millions of options in sequencing the symbols. The alignment, which is about to appear before the player, is not something that can be foretold.

Icons in the slot reel falling in the winning alignment merely mean that it is your lucky day, than anything else.

Yet there are many numbers of free resources to coach players on how to win.

The Basic Truth of Slot Games

As slot game is a game of probability, to win the odds, you stand a better chance by playing from more pay lines, using more coins.

It also pays you to know about the various terms in a slot game like progressive slots as you then know what exactly you are playing for.

You are also advised to be familiar with all the casino rules and terms of play, to fully benefit from the various offers provided by casinos to the players.

Free games are the golden opportunities provided by casinos to players to get used to the online games and therefore, you need to make use of them without fail.

The Evolution of Slot Games

Manual slot machines had to function under predictable restrictions, in comparison to the present day video slots.

In manual slots, players could mostly play from a solitary pay line. But in online slots, the number of pay lines is multiplied from time to time, to offer greater thrill and better earning capacity to the players.

Today, slots are appearing in so many different imaginative themes so as to provide an opportunity for players to play their favourite slot game in the theme of their choice.

Today, slots have debuted on Facebook with free app to offer the next gen easy option to play and enjoy the timeless slot games.